Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The infamous one year

Well... For ladies it seems to be all about the one year. The first year you've been together which seems to have become a milestone achievement and why not? Commemorating your first year together somewhere nice and romantic should be something to be cherished. 

For my one year anniversary I took my girlfriend to the Sanderson hotel in London for afternoon tea. However, this isn't just any old afternoon tea. This is a mad hatters themed afternoon tea. After a lot of searching for something different I found this place online. Everything was fully booked however to make sure I could take her there I called them up and they managed to squeeze us in for 1pm. Once booked the table is yours for 2 hours, which is perfect because you don't need to rush and you can take in the decor. The service is definitely up there with the best and so it well worth £45 per head. Personally, I thought it was worth the money just for the experience however, it isn't somewhere you would want to go continuously because it is rather expensive.

I also bought her a juicy couture hand bad, Swarovski bracelet, crystal Swarovski heart (for the memory), a Michael kors belt, a few sweets from my trip to America and a miss Dior perfume.
I did go a little over board but why not? I can't help but spoil her.

My girlfriend was surprised that she liked the juicy couture bag as it's not like your normal velour tacky bag. It's more like a Michael kors themed bag with the writing on the side which makes it look a bit more elegant. It's navy blue and compliments the bracelet I bought her. She now wears it everywhere! 

I on the other hand received a links of London dog tag which I wanted for a while now, a dozen krispy kremes. Original glazed of course! One for every month we've been together. A puzzle of the location where be first met. Which happened to be at my best friends house in Boxing Day and a card.

Just goes to show that from experience and also from what guys have told me, women seem to get the more thoughtful gifts compared to the materialistic ones men give.


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